it has been absolute chaos for the past week.

It all started on Valentine’s Day…..

So Daniel comes home from work and we decide to go out to dinner. We are last minute-ers, so we didn’t make reservations or anything, we just decide to wing it. (Last year we ended up at buffalo wild wings)

Okay, everything is PACKED. obviously. its valentines day. Word must have gotten out that valentines day at buffalo wild wings is an amazing idea, because even they were packed! Ultimately we end up at Chilli’s.  Blah blah blah we eat, we have fun, we talk, our waiter had cool pokemon tattoos, we go home.

As we are getting ready to turn in for the night, Daniel says he feels sick. Well that turned into an all night sickness, leading to having to go to the ER. 😦 He’s okay now. It was just like, food poisoning, or a stomach virus, or something.

Anyway it’s been recovery mode at our house!

I finally managed to read through both of my All New Archie graphic novels. I have the single issues, but I never read them. Anyway, they were amazing, although they really made Reggie a straight up villain, when he’s really just an arrogant guy. (I ship Betty & Reggie ;P) I remember reading the series where archie marries veronica/archie marries betty and the betty/reggie storyline was the most intriguing to me. The All New Archie series is also phenomenal. I haven’t watched the new show Riverdale, so I don’t know how it relates, but I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of ANA. It is Archie for “those kids today,” but with the same heart that Archie comics originally had. He’s still a klutz, his BFF is still Jughead (who has a fascinating backstory), and he’s still torn between two girls. It’s just interesting to see it modernized.

Anyway, book-wise I have The Impossible Fortress sitting beside the bed waiting for me to read it.  It’s another book set in the 80s starring a nerdy kid, so obviously
I’m hooked. 🙂 It was on the Discover Great New Writers bay at Barnes and Noble, and that is where I find most of my favorite reads.

Hopefully this upcoming week will be sickness free.

(on a happy note, I scored us tickets to Metallica in May!! I’m so excited!!)



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