Its been quite a week! (I feel like I always say that.) My workouts got all out of whack, work was crazy, just overall madness. But, at the end of the day we still had a good time.

For starters, some girl rear-ended Daniel, so now his car is in the shop.. He was pretty mad, but he’s going to use this as an opportunity to get the other dings in his car taken care of. (We will be paying for those, not the person who rear-ended him!) Someone shot his car with a BB Gun, and his car has been egged a few times. I know, is he driving a Lamborghini or something fancy? No. Its a Chevy Camaro. I guess the kids in the neighborhood really dislike his car. :/ Its upsetting, but this incident made Daniel just say, okay lets just fix the rest of the body work as well.

The company we are using is called Collison Pro. They are amazing. They have repaired cars for people in our family many times. 🙂

Anyway, on some happier news. I run the social media for my job and I have been getting retweeted by corporate. One of my posts on twitter has 97 likes! 🙂 It’s very thrilling, although I don’t know if other people think its as exciting as I do.

So Daniel and I went to see Logan on Sunday. I legitimately cried (twice) in the theater! I was not expecting to get so emotional, but I really couldn’t help it. By the end of the movie, my entire face was wet. It was hands down the best superhero movie/movie in general that I have seen in a very long time. Daniel spent most of the time after the movie telling me about the comic series  and what he thinks will happen and all that. Being married to a comic book nerd allows me to really get the full picture and see what’s missing from the movies. But honestly, this is the first time that we left a movie and Daniel wasn’t saying “oh they left this out, oh this was wrong” he also genuinely enjoyed it. Anyway, It is now Tuesday and I’m still sort of sad about the movie and I kind of want to see it again.


OF COURSE I got the name of the movie wrong! I keep calling it Wolverine, but I promise we went to go see Logan.

Restarted the 21 Day Fix Extreme, because last week I got all out of sorts. So now here’s hoping I can stick with it! I have been getting compliments on my butt, so that’s always nice. :)~



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