To be quite honest, things are going pretty great lately.

Daniel and I finally just decided to stop being so responsible and playing it safe, and now we are genuinely having some fun.

Last weekend we went to a concert in Vienna called A Tribute to the 90s. It was at the Jammin’ Java and it was a blast. There were three cover bands for Weezer, Green Day, and my favorite, Blink 182.  So, I’m not a huge fan of Weezer but I was honestly surprised at how many songs I actually knew. Green Day, I only know songs from Dookie to be honest.  Those bands were really good, but the highlight of the evening was the Blink cover band called Dammit, Josie. They were so good, although the lead singer honestly sounded like Dane Cook. :)~

Anyway it was so much fun.  We were going to go see blink perform last year down in VA Beach, but work and scheduling issues made it impossible to go. But since we are throwing caution to the wind this year, Daniel, my brother, and I will be driving to see them at the end of April! 🙂 Its a little further away, but honestly we don’t want to miss them again.

(I have been a huge blink 182 fan since high school. Honestly, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket never left my car stereo growing up.  And I’m really enjoying their newest CD, California.  I don’t think there is a track on there that I don’t like.)

I asked Daniel that night to take some photos of my outfit for my Instagram, and well.. I mean at least he makes me laugh. 😉

I said– get my whole outfit

.. plus my face

…. And the shoes (those are his shoes)

But don’t forget my face!

Here let me see.

Did you get my shoes???

He’s such a maniac. I ended up using the first picture that he took, and I wasn’t even ready for the pic! I was just explaining what I wanted.

Anyway, I ended up having to go to the doctor today because I have had a stuffed up nose for about a month.  It honestly feels like something is blocking my right nostril. :/ The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and told me to take those and a nasal spray and hopefully that will fix the problem, otherwise i’m going to have to go to an ear, nose, and throat doctor. 😦

So I’m really hoping this fixes it.  It is disrupting my sleep and i never feel like I’m breathing properly. I haven’t been doing so great on my diet.  In fact, according to the scale I have put on 10 pounds  (!!!) My mom is convinced that it is muscle, since I have been working out so much, but still. It’s hard to not get hung up on a number on the scale.  I was feeling really good about myself until I saw that number, so now I am really just reminding myself that it’s okay. I’m okay. I look okay. I’m also pretty funny, which is better than being skinny anyway. 😉



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