Well, exciting things have been happening lately! Daniel’s birthday was on the 7th, he was offered a permanent position for work, and overall life has been pretty great!

But the most exciting news is…..

We are going to Disney World! 🙂 We finalized plans last week, and we will be going for a week in July for our 5 year anniversary! I’m so excited! He is so excited! It’s literally all we have been talking about lately.

We just finished making reservations at all the restaurants, but we may tweak them a little bit. We haven’t been to Disney since we were children, so neither of us know which restaurants to eat at or anything like that. We are staying on the resort, which may be my favorite part of this vacation.  I think the Disney resorts are SO cool.  We are staying at the Coronado Resort, which I think is supposed to be Ancient Mexico? Or maybe Southwest? I don’t know. I just know the pictures were BEAUTIFUL and based on the reviews I read, we decided that was both in our price range and slightly better than the Caribbean themed resort. (I haven’t stayed at either, this was just what I read online and in my little travel book.)

Anyway, I. Can’t. WAIT.

We are also going to awesome-con in June (which I think I already mentioned). & Daniel may be going with my brother to RTX for a convention in July right before Disney.

On the weight loss/diet front.. I decided to stop 21 Day Fix Extreme and start doing T 25 Focus instead.  I thought 21 Day Fix was a GREAT workout, but there wasn’t enough cardio for me. So far I like T 25. There’s no dancing involved, so I’m okay.  I actually might like Shaun T more than Autumn Calabrese. He talks in a rhythm and doesn’t spout off a bunch of motivational quotes while I’m working out. I don’t know. I really enjoyed 21 DFX, so maybe when I finish T25, I can go back to that and get my booty in check 🙂

My self esteem has been in the trash can lately. Every time I look in the mirror I’m just like, UGH. Please. But it’s okay. I will get to where I want soon enough! I just have to keep pushing.

Gotta look good before Disney! ❤ Wish me luck



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